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Afternoon: the NZ-AUS show



Festival: NMER


Discover new talents: Daisy L., DropDeadKxy, Sonic daydreams, Pie are squared, Mystery fingerstyle guitarist…


By: Theresa’s sound world, Tyley’s music guidance, Dereck Von, The Omaha introvert, Shoegazer 93, The needle drop…

Since the 90’s, both sides of the channel are experimenting with beautiful noise. Frenchies have developped their own touch, with bands as famous as Stereolab, M83, Dead horse one, Venera4.

Let’s dive into the sound of a new generation of kids with guitars, flourishing in France, Belgium and Canada!

Beware of the way you delegate your copyright management:
it may prevent us from using your youtube videos in our Youtube lives.

Copyright hurts Youtube release parties

We love to help spread the word about bands, so it’s a pity that during our live listening parties or release parties the stream is cut for copyright infrigement when we push a Youtube video from a band on Youtube live.

Both us, the audience and the band are disapointed. It ruins the party, and we must skip to another track from another band.

So, if you’re a band looking for promotion, be careful when you choose a distributor for your song on Youtube. Please help us to help you.

A work in progress, non exhaustive listing: world tour of labels publishing shoegaze. Part 1: from A to D.


No shoegaze label identified for the first letter of the alphabet…


“Boutique indie label co-run by a collective of musicians, artists & writers from the UK. Geeking out on psych, shoegaze, electro, space-folk and krautrock.”

“An independent record label focusing on darkwave, postpunk, rock, noisepop and shoegaze”.


“Casa del Puente Discos es un emprendimiento musical y cultural independiente, oriundo de la ciudad argentina de Mar del Plata, cuyas playas dan a la costa este de la provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Shoegaze from France. No cheesy track!

Your favorite french shoegaze band is not on Yoube? Head on Bandcamp!

Noise artists has dedicated two posts to help you discover this scene:

And if you like the french touch, join it on Facebook:

A playlist for Valentine’s day, as selected by shoegaze fans!

“Shoegaze is love” Tshirt by DKFM: totally rad and relevant illustration for this blog post!

The selectors

Some suggestions came directly to my wall: many thx to Ferran Verges from NMER records and festival for suggesting Die Noia Futuriszka “Horizonte de un salon”.

4AD LUSH Fan Club

The members of the Lush fan club were fabulous, providing numberful and relevant suggestions. Thank you all for your contributions! + a very special thank you to Darija Uhljeb and Misán Abhórr, for being so involved.

You’re amazing!


  • Spool “Be my valentine”
  • Lush “Sweetness and light”
  • The Jesus and Mary Chain “Just like honey”
  • My Bloody Valentine “You made me realise”
  • Ride “Making…

Shoegaze Pilipinas has listening parties every weekend, for our musical pleasure!

February schedule


with UJU

Dream of Better Days

Shoegaze Pilipinas Listening Party: UJU “Dream Of Better Days”


with Robert

Shoegaze Pilipinas Listening Party: Adorable

February 20, 11PM -

Soft Pillow Kisses

with former and current members

Waiting For Your Words: Early Recordings 2000–2002

Shoegaze Pilipinas Listening Party: Soft Pillow Kisses

The Stargazer Lilies

with The Stargazer Lilies

Shoegaze Pilipinas Listening Party: The Stargazer Lilies

Join the Shoegaze Pilipinas discord!

Listening parties every Saturday at the Shoegaze Pilipinas discord server. …

Music to make dreams to make music to make dreams…
This is Nugaze! is a manifesto for the new scene that celebrates itself.
Play it loud, looking at your sneakers, in the dark of your room.

Rendez-vous behind the wall of sound to experiment this mixture of obscured vocals, guitar/synth distortion and effects, feedback, and overwhelming volume!

Release party

Remember that boy dancing in No Joy music video?
Don’t miss Nicolas Diavion from The Vative:


#thisIsNugaze brings together 10 carefully handcrafted hits of modern shoegaze. Here is the replay of the release party:

If you like: Cocteau Twins, Beach House…

All about this international shoegaze compilation:
how we organize it and how we promote it.


Join the Facebook group and/or fill the form. The facebook group is open to anyone interested in joining or promoting the compilation.
Think of it as our headquarters ;-)

If you post your track on the Facebook group, you’ll get a fast feedback about it and about your submission. That’s especially convenient if you’re unshure of which track you should submit.

Use the Facebook group to communicate with us, as this is where the organization team keeps in sync.


We suggest bands to complete…

Prepare for #thisIsNugaze compilation and release party coming the 31st of january!
Today we suggest you to dive into the shoegaze of “Arena Blanca”, from France.

If you like

Curve, M83, Air, The Raveonnettes…



Eden è un brano che va in crescendo: più va avanti e più aumenta la pressione sonora, fino a una conclusione che è una dimostrazione di epica shoegaze.

“Featuring footage from public domain films such as “The Brain That Would’nt Die” and the “Mark of the Vampire,” the video has a great retro feel and sound.”

“Ambitions that will revive some good memories to fans of Air”


Your daily dose of #Nugaze #Dreampop #Shoegaze #Noisetronica Artist submission:

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