Be my shoegaze Valentine!

A playlist for Valentine’s day, as selected by shoegaze fans!

“Shoegaze is love” Tshirt by DKFM: totally rad and relevant illustration for this blog post!

The selectors

Some suggestions came directly to my wall: many thx to Ferran Verges from NMER records and festival for suggesting Die Noia Futuriszka “Horizonte de un salon”.

The members of the Lush fan club were fabulous, providing numberful and relevant suggestions. Thank you all for your contributions! + a very special thank you to Darija Uhljeb and Misán Abhórr, for being so involved.

You’re amazing!


  • Spool “Be my valentine”
  • Lush “Sweetness and light”
  • The Jesus and Mary Chain “Just like honey”
  • My Bloody Valentine “You made me realise”
  • Ride “Making Judy smile”
  • Vicious Blossom “Goth girl”
  • Slowdive “When the sun hits”
  • and many more classic and recent shoegaze tracks! Just go and listen to the playlist!!


  • Swirlies “San Cristobal de las Casas”

The playlist

Press play, and have a romantic moment with your Valentine!

Your daily dose of #Nugaze #Dreampop #Shoegaze #Noisetronica Artist submission:

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