How we make online release parties

How broadcasts shows on the web, about the content we promote and what it takes to make a good release party.

My tribute to my favorite shoegaze artist (Kevin Shields)
“My tribute to my favorite shoegaze artist (Kevin Shields)”:

Choosing the right platform

There are countless platforms to broadcast live video online. To name but a few:

  • Facebook: the prison you love to hate. FB business model is now to shorter your reach and sell you your own audience.
  • Twitch: the new kid in town, very user friendly.
  • Twitter: it’s got some advantages, but who goes to Twitter/Periscope to watch for live video?
  • Instagram: for stories/ephemeral videos (no replay after 24 hours).

Our stack of tools

  • We use to broadcast to Twitch, Youtube, Twitter and Facebook.
  • The chat takes place on these platforms: each consumer keeps using his prefered social network.

Prepare for live streaming

Live streaming is hard. Remember those technical problems that TV live show are used to experience?


We ask bands to record their videos and store them on Youtube as unlisted videos, then add the links to a collaborative Youtube playlist we create.

  1. 2–3 weeks before: we send the link to the playlist, so that they can add their videos
  2. 1 week before: we close the playlist (to avoid spam and bad manipulations), add the jingles to the playlist, and set all the videos in the broadcasting order.

Design chart

We have a special private playlist with jingles. We just have to pick the jingles to add them to the release party playlist. This helps to have a consistent design.

The setlist

We have a google doc that we share with bands and speakers one month before the event.

Ideas of content

What makes a good release party?

What sort of news can upply for our release parties?

Any news about a nugaze / shoegaze / ethereal waves / noisetronica bands and labels :

  • audio release (bandcamp, soundcloud, record, K7, Spotify….):
    you’ll have to create a short video around it (see suggetsions below)
  • crowdfunding announcement
  • tour announcement
  • etc: be creative!


Do a short video to present each band member. You may also present your staff (sound engineer, manager, record label boss…).


We don’t do interviews: Twinterviews are more efficient for band promotion. It’s up to you to set a Twinterview with another band:

Blind test

You may have a blind test with the band you twinterview: let him ear a small extract of a song and let him guess the title of the song, the artist. Then talk together about this record…


Do a video to talk about the bands that influenced you. You may also make a record review of your influences (talk about records and bands that influenced you, show these records, etc.).

Tshirt collection

We love to see fans and artists exhibit their music tshirt and hoodies collection. It’s another interesting way to talk about music and influences: where you bought that tshirt, at which concert or festival, etc.

Pedal show

Show your pedal board, and talk about your fav gear.

Studio report

You may submit a video about how you recorded your release.

Live set

You may record a small live set in rehearsal or from home to show a bunch of tracks. Keep it short (1 to 4 tracks, 3 to 15mn maximum).


We try to invite from around 6 artists and stick under 1h30.

  1. Release N°1: around 4mn
  2. Twinterview: 10mn max
  3. Release N°2: around 4mn
  4. Blind test: 10mn max
  5. Release N°3: around 4mn
  6. Live set: 15mn max
  7. Release N°4: around 4mn
  8. Studio report: around 5mn
  9. Release N°5: around 4mn
  10. Tshirt collection: around 5mn
  11. Release N°6: around 4mn
  12. Pedal show: 10mn max
  13. News around shoegaze (blog posts, radio shows, etc.): 10mn max
  14. Conclusion by the presenter: recap, goodbye, etc.: around 3mn.

Host a release party with

Sounds interesting? Host a release party with us! (It’s free)


“MTV for shoegaze, in the interview age” is our motto.

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