How we promote #thisIsNugaze

A promo plan for a music compilation.

1 month before

How we communicate with bands

First contact takes place via messages on the social medias of the bands of by email.
Then, we use a Facebook group to organize things together.

How we prepare the momentum

The communication plan is shared on Trello to help everybody have a clear view of:

  • what is to do ASAP
  • what is planned


  • Change the Twitter banner to bring attention to the release party.
  • Change the Twitter avatar to show the day count before the event (helps get followers attention).
  • Use Follow Friday to bring attention to the bands and the event:


  • Create a Facebook event
  • Post the event on Facebook groups (respect each group policy or they’ll ban you)


  • Publish reviews about the bands:


Promo plan with emails etc. sent to relevant medias:

  • blogs

Release party

After release

(To be completed later)

Your daily dose of #Nugaze #Dreampop #Shoegaze #Noisetronica Artist submission:

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