march TV program

Shut down your TV noise and get some shoegaze!
We’ve imagined a WebTV dedicated to shoegaze culture.



Afternoon: the NZ-AUS show



Festival: NMER


Discover new talents: Daisy L., DropDeadKxy, Sonic daydreams, Pie are squared, Mystery fingerstyle guitarist…


By: Theresa’s sound world, Tyley’s music guidance, Dereck Von, The Omaha introvert, Shoegazer 93, The needle drop…


Save the date: 25 of april

Don’t miss the party!
Come and chat with the bands of the second compilation #thisIsNugaze
and other shoegaze fans worldwide.
In the meantime, head to the replay of this party:

Enjoy a full week in shoegaze with and the community of shoegaze blogs and radios:

Your daily dose of #Nugaze #Dreampop #Shoegaze #Noisetronica Artist submission:

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