#thisIsNUgaze backstage

All about this international shoegaze compilation:
how we organize it and how we promote it.


Join the Facebook group and/or fill the form. The facebook group is open to anyone interested in joining or promoting the compilation.
Think of it as our headquarters ;-)

If you post your track on the Facebook group, you’ll get a fast feedback about it and about your submission. That’s especially convenient if you’re unshure of which track you should submit.

Communicating with the organization team

Use the Facebook group to communicate with us, as this is where the organization team keeps in sync.


We suggest bands to complete a presentation, so that we can promote you on all our other medias (this blog, Twitter, Facebook…).
Here is a template (feel free to adapt it): you can create a google docs and share it on the Facebook group (or post link to download a document).
We’ll copy-paste it to the blog.

Release Party

Read this blog post to know how the release party takes place:


We’ll add all the material for the release party in this playlist (music videos, presentation videos…):

When your music video is ready, post the Youtube link in our Facebook group, we’ll add it to our unlisted Youtube playlist.

Feel free to add other compelling videos (see our blog post above “ideas of content”):

  • presentation of band members
  • twinterviews
  • studio report
  • “hello dear fans it’s xxx we’re glad to be part of this wonderful compilation with all these great bands”
  • etc.

And most of all: enjoy and party!


We put a post in the Facebook group, and ask the bands to pick their prefered one:

“Please vote BELOW (see comments) for your prefered cover for the compilation: votes open until the 16th of january.
Like the picture(s) you prefer below. You can like several pictures. The picture that gets the more likes wins.

I’ll use this visual to create:

  • the cover of the compilation
  • banners for social networks
  • visuals for promotion (blogs, etc.)

Feel free to suggest other visuals. I’m not a designer.”

I picked these proposals from https://pixabay.com/fr/images/search/abstract/?colors=lilac&colors=pink



  • Friendly shoegaze fans
  • Friendly Shoegaze musicians
  • A Youtube playlist
  • Mix them in a release party on Twitch and Youtube live

…play it loud and enjoy!

Your daily dose of #Nugaze #Dreampop #Shoegaze #Noisetronica Artist submission: https://forms.gle/hTnyi15x4WbTemzSA

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